The Center for Translational Neuroscience (CTN) has the mission of translating discoveries in basic neuroscience, psychology, and related disciplines to improve well-being, promote resilience, and mitigate the effects of early adverse experiences on physical and emotional health. CTN houses research projects, science communication initiatives, professional development, and intervention program development, implementation, and evaluation activities. 

Talk Therapy
Helpings moms with Borderline Personality Disorder learn skills to better manage their emotions.
fruit, paper and pencil, and measuring tape
food cravings, eating behaviors and self-control around unhealthy food choices
logo for SEAL study
NIH funded randomized control trial of the FIND program
RAPID Header
ongoing survey of families with young children during the COVID-19 pandemic
A randomized control trial of the FIND program with parents in treatment and recovery for opioid-use disorder
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Targeting motivation to improve engagement with online parenting program
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Using network analysis, self-other report, and latent factor analysis to understand how people frame and think about their goals
Girls Sit in the back of a car together
Relationship between parenting quality, parent attributions, and child chronic inflammation
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Mindfulness, Stress Response, and Mental Health in At-Risk College Freshmen