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Our Mission

Our mission is to improve well-being, promote resilience, and mitigate the effects of early adverse experiences on physical and emotional health by translating discoveries in basic neuroscience, psychology, and related disciplines.

Our Expertise

Our work spans the spectrum from basic science to policy work. Click on a content area to learn more, or visit our projects page to see our full portfolio.

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Scientists Committed to the Cause

Our Center brings scientists together across disciplines to maximize impact! Researchers with interests spanning basic neuroscience methods such as neuroimaging, neuroendocrine research, and psychophysiology connect and collaborate with those interested in evidence-based prevention and intervention programs.

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This represents a new way of going about intervention development and a whole new framework for thinking about clinical sciences
– Elliott Berkman

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Screen Time NYTimes
The first iPhone was introduced in 2007; just over a decade later, in 2018, a Pew survey found that 95 percent of teenagers had access to a...
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When she was in foster care — her clothes in bags, uprooted and shuttled from one strange home to the next — Desi Henderson thought next to nothing...
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