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Our mission is to improve well-being, promote resilience, and mitigate the effects of early adverse experiences on physical and emotional health by translating discoveries in basic neuroscience, psychology, and related disciplines.

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Our work spans the spectrum from basic science to policy work and program development. Click on a content area to learn more, or visit our projects page to see our full portfolio.

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Cross-discipline collaboration to maximize impact! Researchers with specialties in basic neuroscience methods such as neuroimaging, neuroendocrine research, and psychophysiology collaborate with those interested in evidence-based prevention and intervention programs.


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UO Lab work

This represents a new way of going about intervention development and a whole new framework for thinking about clinical sciences
– Elliot Berkman


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Online Masters in Psychology

Evidence-based program evaluation, neuroscience, and research skills training tailored for the working professional. Program launches Winter 2021. Now accepting applications.


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Cutting Edge Translational Science

The research world is constantly churning out valuable information with the potential to change people’s lives. But how does that information…
In a study, people responded to messages that resonated with them personally—up to a certain extent. The results could help shape responses to future…
The Center for Translational Neuroscience will offer an evidence-based mentor training workshop series for primary investigators (PIs) September 2020…

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