The mental representation of goals

Goals are essential to people’s self-regulation and motivated behaviors. How people think about their goals often affects their goal-related behaviors, such as goal adoptions and goal strivings. However, goals can vary across a large number of dimensions and there has been little consensus on how to assess goal representation across multiple dimensions.

The overarching purpose of this project is to understand how people frame and think about their goals. This project will build the foundation for future studies on multiple-goal pursuit.

Aim1: Assess individuals’ evaluation of their goals on thirty dimensions.

Aim 2: Explore bivariate relationships among all dimensions and identify latent factors.

Aim 3: Evaluate the consistency between self-ratings and observer-ratings on goal evaluations.

Aim 4: Quantify the relationship between goals in a multidimensional space using network analysis tools.

Project Team: 
Primary Investigator
Graduate Advisor