Rapid Assessment of Pandemic Impact on Development (RAPID) - Early Childhood

Woman holds baby while stirring pot on stove

RAPID-EC is an early childhood family well-being survey designed to gather essential information in a continuous manner regarding the needs, health promoting behaviors, and well-being of children and their families during the COVID-19 outbreak in the United States. The survey focuses on better understanding child development (and parents’ concerns about development over time), caregiver mental health and wellbeing, and caregiver needs and utilization of resources. Every other week we launch a survey to collect this information from a nationally representative sample of parents. We will then analyze this data to create policy briefs to disseminate to key policy leaders, advocacy groups, organizations supporting caregivers and families, and the general public. Our objective is to provide actionable data on an ongoing basis to key stakeholders to inform immediate and long-term policy decisions. Visit the project website at https://www.uorapidresponse.com/ and see policy briefs from the project at https://medium.com/@uo_ctn.

Project Team: 
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