Ursula Tooley, BS


Ursula Tooley, BS, is a Project Team Lead for the Frontiers of Innovation (FOI) Measurement and Evaluation initiative under the direction of Dr. Philip Fisher at the University of Oregon. She serves as a research and data management resource for FOI sites and partners, oversees the library of measures and aggregate data, and assists sites in formulating plans for evaluation and assessment. In addition to her role with FOI, she’s also currently involved in work on the Training Adolescent Self-Control (TASC) project under the direction of Dr. Elliot Berkman, as well as in science outreach for local schools and the community. Ursula received her B.S. in Neuroscience from the University of Arizona in 2014. Her research interests include early neurocognitive development, executive function, socioeconomic disparities, and translational work, particularly in the context of educational interventions and policy.